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American Whiskey is as old and storied as the country itself.  Learn about the foundations of these uniquely American spirits and what makes them so desirable around the world.  


We’ll dive into the history behind these spirits from the founding of our country through the dark days of prohibition, right up to our modern whiskey renaissance.  You’ll also gain an understanding of how each type of grain that makes it into your glass affects the flavor of the whiskey.


This is a great class to help train your palate to recognize exactly what you’re tasting next time you grab a whiskey at your local bar, and to gain a better understanding of where the characteristics you personally enjoy in a whiskey come from.

Price Per Person:  $40 + tax and gratuity

Number of spirits:  5

If you would like to add food to your tasting, simply click the "add food option" on the form below and we will be in touch to discuss options fitting for your group.

We require at least a four days notice for booking. 

Come Taste With Us
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