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The world of gin

Gin is one of the most misunderstood, and overlooked spirits out there, and yet it offers probably the greatest diversity of styles and flavors.  We’ll talk about the long history of gin, as well as how different styles have evolved over the years.


We’ll also take some time to taste and talk about some of the individual botanicals that are found in almost all bottles of gin, so that you’ll have the ability to identify new and unique flavors each time you try a new bottle.  


This is a great class for those who had that bad college experience with gin (we’ve all been there), and to uncover the vastly different flavor profiles found in each different brand and style. They truly don’t all taste like pine trees!

Price Per Person:  $40 + NC tax (7%) and gratuity (20%)

Number of spirits:  5

If you would like to add food to your tasting, simply click the "add food option" on the form below and we will be in touch to discuss options fitting for your group.

We require at least a four days notice for booking. 

Come Taste With Us
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