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Scotch experience

Scotch is so much more diverse than just the ultra smokey whiskys that seem to dominate the conversation.  We’ll take a tour of Scotland to learn how each region creates unique products, experience how the use of different types of barrels influence flavor and talk a bit about the history of Scotch and how it’s become recognized as the gold standard of whisky throughout the world.


This is a great class for people new to scotch, as this style truly does have something for every palate (believe it or not!), as well as for the scotch connoisseur looking to expand their repertoire with some whiskys that you may not see on the shelves of your neighborhood bar. This is our most opulent tasting.


Price Per Person:  $60 + NC tax (7%) and gratuity (20%)

Number of spirits:  6

If you would like to add food to your tasting, simply click the "add food option" on the form below and we will be in touch to discuss options fitting for your group.

We require at least a four days notice for booking. 

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